Program Manager, Indiana Department of Education

"Kelly is a true leader.  She comes into every situation and quickly pinpoints a problem or concern, analyzes it, and then uses her knowledge and resources to resolve the issue quickly. Organizations, large and small, rely on her for ideas to make their programs or projects better.


One quality that always impresses me about Kelly: she always gets the job done.  Whether preparing leadership models, completing analysis on statewide education strategy or sorting books in a warehouse, she puts her all into it and executes fully."

Chief Executive Officer, John Boner Neighborhood Centers

"Many in our organization have been through numerous strategic planning processes, but by far this has been the best experience of all. The final product was the best-developed plan of my career. Her appreciative inquiry approach kept the focus on engagement of multiple stakeholders in determining our strengths and the future we are working towards together as an organization.


I have had more than 15 different staff and board members privately say they have learned much from Social Legends and that they are now striving to model Kelly’s behavior when approaching many different situations. Kelly is an amazingly intelligent and talented individual. Her ability to contextualize situations, align interests and acknowledge everyone’s thoughts, while building consensus, is beyond compare.  Her energy is captivating in great measure because of the sincere ways she engages with others. It takes many five years to earn what Kelly repeatedly accomplishes within an hour."

Consultant, Minich Consulting

"Social Legends is a community mobilizer throughout Indiana. No matter what project they are working on; they are striving toward building community. Building communities and systems improvement is not for the faint of heart. Kelly keeps things moving and gets things done.


Kelly is very generous with her time and talent, investing in youth organizations so they can be the best organization possible, to serve children and families, for this generation and beyond."

Director of Statewide Workforce Development & Quality Improvement Services, Early Learning Indiana

"Kelly’s work and partnership with Early Learning Indiana has been much appreciated. Social Legends partnered with us to assist in the coordination and planning of our Workforce Development efforts. Her coordination and collaboration made a tremendous impact on the development and outcomes of the strategy set forth.


I have worked alongside her during some very challenging situations, and she always finds a way to demonstrate positive leadership and intuitiveness which always delivers a positive impact."

Attorney, Sharpnack Bigley Stroh & Washburn LLP & Board Chair, Children’s Inc.

"Kelly is not quiet about her expectations yet is even more voiced in her support and passion. In our organization, she has helped the board realize the potential we have and the important function we serve within our community.  I have no doubt that Kelly is the major reason our board has moved forward and that our organization has continued serving the individuals who need us most. Without her breadth of knowledge, experience, and assistance our organization would have had to close its doors a year ago."

Chief Executive Officer, Humane Society of Indianapolis

"The Humane Society of Indianapolis employed Social Legends to direct and guide our new three-year strategic plan. At that time, the organization was finally debt-free, had accomplished several major program goals, and opened a second location with low-cost, high-volume spay/neuter.


Kelly’s approach was extensive. She led a day-long retreat with the entire staff, and another with the Board and Senior Management, and facilitated several focus groups with select board members and senior management. Throughout this process, she guided a leadership team with key board and staff. This planning brought together important financial sustainability, donor, community impact, public awareness, and culture initiatives. Each has its own metric to guide us in the next three years. I don't believe the organization has ever had such a comprehensive strategic plan.


Our plan includes large “dreams” such as expansion, and endowment, and a new shelter. Kelly has provided tools for the leadership to thoroughly examine new additions or expansions. It also provided the organization a strong executive summary that is often used with major donors and reinforces solid planning. As a result, we invited Social Legends to guide a year-long Board Engagement Plan in 2016 which is designed to help us build board expectations and involvement and to grow the board."