Our Team

Our Team

Kelly Frank

When asked about her gift to the world – Kelly responds – her idealism. She looks at the world and constantly sees what it should be, what it can be - not what it is. Kelly is driven by her passion and the challenge to achieve the ideal. Her gift to Social Legends is seeing what philanthropy can be and challenging clients to progress towards their ideal. Kelly has little tolerance for mediocrity and the status quo – she is constantly asking – how can we do this better and bigger? How can we be more significant and relevant? Kelly’s past experience as a founder of a non-profit, youth worker, mentor, board member, donor, parent and community member inspired and informed her vision for Social Legends. She recognized the powerful connection between changing the world and socially responsible citizens, effective philanthropy, educated philanthropists and coordinated impact. Despite the good intentions of nonprofit leaders and donors - she often experienced marginalized impact and lost opportunities to change the world. It was such an experience that instigated her departure from working in the nonprofit sector to creating an innovative consulting firm that focuses on strategic philanthropy and results-based giving.

Kelly Frank has provided consulting services to nonprofits and philanthropists since 2004. Frank is sought after by nonprofit leaders and donors due to her extensive nonprofit management experience. Prior to consulting, she led the start-up of College Mentors for Kids, Inc., since its inception in 1995. As a first-generation college student at Indiana University, Frank's personal awareness of the difference that exposing a young child to higher education can make led her to start College Mentors for Kids. College Mentors gave her the opportunity to provide experiences with higher education to children who would likely not be exposed to the concept of college. This impact inspired her to pursue philanthropic work after she completed her psychology/premed degree rather than attend medical school.

After working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Frank returned to the College Mentors mission as program director in 2000. That same year, Frank's skills and expertise called her into the CEO position, where her priority remained focused on expanding the College Mentors for Kids program nationally.

Kelly has been widely recognized in her community including the Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders, Torchbearers Award for Woman of Promise and a two-time finalist for the Indy’s Best and Brightest Award.

As a founder of a youth-serving organization and mother of three, Kelly is committed to making the world a better place for all children and families. She believes all children deserve the same opportunities to grow and succeed. Kelly also believes that if we focus on youth and prevention strategies more effectively, we will need less intervention services, thereby creating significant efficiencies and better long-term results. Kelly continues to provide significant leadership at a state and national level to the field of youth workers. Her work includes: statewide high school promotion campaign for field of youth development, prospective youth worker fellowship program, advise major donors / foundations about education and youth development issues, developed academic pathways for youth workers, advise and coordinate youth-serving intermediary organizations around strategic focus and alignment of field-building work, and serve on the National Child & Youth Care Practitioner Certification Advisory Board.

It is with these ideals and unique gifts that Kelly aspires to live her life as a Social Legend while empowering others to do the same.

Watch a brief video here: Kelly Frank - Women Excel Bloomington Award 2015-HD from Social Legends on Vimeo.


Annie Cornett

As a professional in the nonprofit sector, Annie continually found herself wondering how she could amplify her impact and enhance the lives of those in her community. Expanding her own reach and touching more lives became the driving force behind her professional career choice and led her to understand the significant impact potential that comes with helping others achieve their own mission-driven initiatives. Driven by this passion, and inspired by the challenges it presents Annie joined the Social Legends team in January of 2016 with the desire to help professionals and organizations find significant and relevant ways to make an impact in their own missions and communities.

Annie’s blend of business and nonprofit experience provides added value to clients. She has been involved in the nonprofit sector since 2005 serving in roles ranging from volunteer to staff member and consultant. She is known for her expertise in direct service, program development, program implementation, special event management, grant writing, fundraising, and corporate philanthropy. Currently, she serves as a volunteer with the Indiana University School of Public Health Alumni Board.

As a volunteer side-walker and certified riding instructor, Annie developed a deep love of horses and their ability to heal. She adopted her own horse, Bubba, off the track and competes in Dressage.

Having received her Master of Science from Indiana University in Recreational Therapy, Annie’s early attention towards supporting individuals with disabilities and improving their quality of life continues to inspire her daily work. Her clients have taught her that no challenge is insurmountable when the passion and desire to succeed is ingrained in one’s heart.

It is with these ideals and unique gifts that Annie aspires to live her life as a Social Legend while empowering others to do the same.


Krista Wilhelmsen

Krista Wilhelmsen comes to the nonprofit sector having devoted nearly a decade of service to higher education as a teacher and administrator. Her desire to help improve the lives of others achieve success helped her implement a student-centered teaching style. As an instructor, she believes in fostering life-long growth and learning with a tailored and personalized curriculum.

Krista possesses a unique combination of teaching and administrative experience. Her role as an educator has provided her the opportunity to teach a diverse and underserved population within schools ranging from the HBCU environment to the community college network. She is known for her editorial skills, creative problem- solving techniques, correspondence management, writing abilities, and marketing and research expertise. She has received editorial assistance credits in Harvard Law Bulletin and Harvard Law Today.

Krista hails from the south suburbs of Chicago. She completed a Bachelor of Music from Millikin University and a Master of Art in Opera Theater from the University of South Carolina, as well as continued graduate studies from the Jacob’s School of Music at Indiana University. As a trained opera singer, Krista has performed with several companies and won awards including: Utah Opera Festival, Augusta Opera, Opera New Jersey, Natchez Opera Festival, and Opera Carolina, Metropolitan Opera Competition District Winner, Heafner-Williams Vocal Competition Award, Bev-Sellers Women-in-Music Award.

Instilling knowledge and helping others brings fulfillment and joy to her life. Krista joined Social Legends in January 2018 to make an impact in the community, inspired by the company’s mission.

It is with these ideals and unique gifts that Krista aspires to live her life as a Social Legend while empowering others to do the same.