Kelly Frank Named Indy’s Best and Brightest Winner

Kelly Frank Named Indy’s Best and Brightest Winner

Social Legends is thrilled to announce that President Kelly Frank has been named the winner of Indy’s Best and Brightest Awards in the Manufacturing, Retail, and Services category! Created by Junior Achievement, the Indy's Best & Brightest event recognizes talent and leadership in our community by honoring 100 finalists as central Indiana's most outstanding young professionals in 10 different industries. Finalists were judged on professional accomplishments and leadership qualities.

Kelly’s professional accomplishments, work within the community, strong leadership qualities, and positive impact on others led to both her nomination and being selected as a winner. Some of her greatest accomplishments include being a part of the launch and growth of what is now a multi-state nonprofit mentoring organization and founding and growing a for-profit consulting company. Kelly’s leadership helped both organizations to flourish and have a positive impact on many. Kelly radiates an unprecedented drive and passion. A Social Legends client stated, “One quality that always impresses me about Kelly: she always gets the job done.  Whether preparing leadership models, completing analysis on statewide education strategy or sorting books in a warehouse, she puts her all into it and executes fully.”

Kelly has served the community in an abundance of ways.  She is most known for her extensive nonprofit experience and innovative consulting services.  She believes in helping communities build the finest programs. From developing mentoring programs at College Mentoring for Kids and Big Brothers Big Sisters to growing her consulting company Social Legends, Kelly has made a powerful impact on the community. One client explained, “Kelly is a community mobilizer throughout Indiana. It has been said that no matter what project she is working on; she is striving toward building community.”

What many like about Kelly is that her leadership is values-based.  Her fundamental values around social justice, equity, and opportunity permeate every interaction and every assignment she chooses to embark upon.  Those who work with her know that her priority is to make the world a bit more fair, more kind, and more just. These are the values behind her leadership and who she is as an individual. One client shared, “I have worked alongside her during some very challenging situations, and she always demonstrates positive leadership and intuitiveness which always delivers a positive impact.” Overall, she is a remarkably intelligent, talented, strong, and compassionate leader. For Kelly, true leadership is not about authority; it’s about building genuine relationships that can be called upon to do work for the greater good.

When Kelly is in the room, her positive, engaging impact is felt regardless of the situation, meeting, or challenge. She has an ability to help individuals feel heard, express their ideas and dreams, and set aside their own self-interest for the sake of the common good even when this might not serve their own agenda. It is not uncommon for clients to have multiple staff and board members approach them to share how much they have learned much from Kelly and that they are now striving to model her behavior when approaching many different situations.  That alone speaks volumes about her character and the positive impact she is having on others. When she is simply doing her work, it inspires everyone around her.

 Kelly Frank is hard working, innovative, intelligent, positive, and impactful. She is a force to be reckoned with in the philanthropy field, and she shows no signs of slowing down. The Social Legends family is proud of her most recent achievement: being named a 2016 Indy’s Best and Brightest Winner.

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